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Hello!  My name is Dr. Czarina Aggabao Thelen.  I am a PhD-trained social-cultural anthropologist with expertise in inclusion, equity, and social impact, using participatory and ethnographic methods to understand diverse user/audience needs, problems, and goals. I specialize in international Indigenous communities, Latin America. Since my formative early career experience in organizing women-led community campaigns for educational equity and excellence in the South Bronx, I've been an effective practitioner of and advocate for community engagement, diverse research participant recruitment, and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEI&J).

I have 14+ years of applied research experience in healthcare, education, immigration, and with diverse climate change-vulnerable populations. I'm an expert participatory workshop facilitator and certified coach who inspires trust and co-creation. I have experience and certifications in data analysis and statistical analysis in R.

LANGUAGES: English, Spanish, Maya Kaqchikel, Maya Poqomam.

Software and Tools: Atlas.ti, R, SQL, Python, HTML; Tableau; Jira.

As a UX researcher, I have delivered results such as increasing user retention, customer loyalty, and revenue and improving client outcomes for various clients and projects. I am passionate about using my skills and knowledge to create meaningful and positive change in the world.

ROI from my UX research: 584% revenue increase from new design (improved UX), 20%+ conversion rate of leads.

Contact me to view my UX research portfolio:

Qualitative: Exploratory research, in-depth interviews, ethnography, participatory, double diamond. Contextual inquiry; diary studies/cultural probes; observations; card sorting; usability testing. Design thinking.

Quantitative: Surveys; A/B testing; statistical/data analytics & visualization in R, Tableau. IRB/data privacy.

Deliverables / Design Research: Journey map; value proposition; user flow; service blueprint; empathy map; persona; affinity map.

Stakeholder Management: Moderated 100+ Workshops. Inclusive, participatory engagement techniques for generative ideation, productive discussion, and efficient decision-making. Expert at building trust to get to the heart of complex issues.

Research fellowships: Mellon Sawyer Seminars, Social Science Research Council, Fulbright, Tinker, Inter-American Foundation.

Postdoctoral research appointments: Columbia University, McGill University.

Research field-building seminars in Global Indigenous Studies: SSRC, Mellon Foundation.

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I’ve distilled all that I know from:

  • my anthropology doctorate
  • coaching
  • contributing to a positive and effective team culture
  • workshop facilitation
  • and international / cross-cultural life experience

... into my collaborative research practice.  As a result, I conduct exceptional research, analysis, and synthesis of complex information, producing actionable insights that drive stronger decision-making.


Let's talk about how my research can help your company achieve its goals.

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