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Over the past 10+ years, I’ve used Atlas.ti for analysis of my qualitative and UX research. I was keen to get hands-on experience with additional UX Research team collaboration tools like Dovetail, Useberry for usability testing, ChatGPT, Figma, and FigJam for collaboration and affinity mapping. I got all this and more from Memorisely’s project-based UX Research Bootcamp!

Above is a portion of our case study presentation: our insights from user interviews, surveys, and usability testing of a Skyscanner flight booking flow, all completed in under 3 weeks.  (Note: we were not employed by Skyscanner for this project.)

With teammates Marketa Savkovova  and Ashraf Ibrahim, we executed a full research plan and case study presentation—including:

  • stakeholder interview design,
  • usability testing,
  • a screening survey,
  • a research survey
  • user interviews,
  • data analysis,
  • and distilling KPI-aligned insights.

I look forward to continuing our collaboration in new forms moving forward!



  • You can see my enthusiastic, empathetic, confident, & intelligent presentation style in the videos below the slides.



Above:  WATCH OUR INSTRUCTOR'S FEEDBACK on our presentation and my recommendations based on user research data.





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