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The Depth of Our Pueblo: Maya Guatemalan Youth Politics and Theater Resisting Violence

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Cover - Routledge- Our Ancestors Danced Like This

“Our Ancestors Danced Like This": Maya Youth Respond to Genocide Through the Ancestral Arts.


A compelling Maya Guatemalan grassroots theater project of resistance, hope, and vision explores what a more just society looks like and what civic engagement means.

Citations list of Publications

by Czarina Aggabao Thelen, Ph.D.:


In preparation   The Depth of Our Pueblo: Maya Guatemalan Youth Politics and Theater Resisting Violence.


In preparation    “Living Indigenous Pedagogies: Asylum Self-Advocacy Workshops with Maya Guatemalan Youth.” (Co-author: Efrain López Rancho.)

In preparation   “Empowering Maya Guatemalan youth in the asylum process: An educational intervention.” Center for Mexico and Central America (CeMeCA), Columbia University.  (Co-author: Efrain López Rancho.)

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2017                 “Becoming I’x: Maya Ontological Decolonization and the Turn to Theater in Postwar Guatemala.”  Chair:  Charles R. Hale. Committee: Shannon Speed, João Vargas, Circe Sturm, Omi Osun Joni L. Jones, Kim TallBear. Univ Texas at Austin: Dissertation.

2010                 “Theorizing a Third Current of Maya Politics through the San Jorge Land Struggle in Guatemala.”  Supervising Committee: Charles R. Hale, João Vargas. Univ Texas at Austin: Master’s Report.

2000                 “The Philippines’ NGOs through the Democratic Transition in 1986: Continuity and Change.”  Thesis Advisors:  Peter Uvin and James Mahoney. Brown University: Honors Thesis.


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2010                 “Lisandro, tú representas la dignidad del pueblo maya y la sabiduría ancestral.”  Paid ad, Prensa Libre, Oct 18, 2010, Guatemala.  Co-authors: Sue Kuyper, Bridget Brehen, with 54 human rights organizational signatories.

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